• Who we are Tectrol S.A. is an engineering business founded on 1988. Since then, and uninterruptedly, we have developed engineering projects for all kind of industrial sectors: food, aeornautics, cleening products, automobile sector, electronics, distribution, logistics, chemicals, constructive sector, textile sector, hygien and personal cure, among others.
  • Services The services that Tectrol S.A. performs wrap all the life cycle of a project: We have highly qualified employees with contrasted experience in every single area of engineering and building.
    Tectrol S.A. takes seriously the training in its people and the use of the last technologies, and with that, it is guaranteed that the projects will use the most adequated procedures every moment.
  • Offices The headquarters in Barcelona are 900 m2 offices with the necessary develompent and test equipments for the creation and maintenance of projects.
    We also have offices in Reus (Tarragona).
    Even that Tectrol S.A. only has offices in Catalonia's area, it has done engineering projects around Spain.
  • We are travelers We have a proven experience at international level: from EEUU to Japan, passing by Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East...In several cases it was really necessary our precessence in distant countries, which it was not an inconvenient to a normal develompent and startup projects contracted.
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